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Our Story

 How we Started


Our dad started growing Satsumas as a hobby in the back yard in the early 70's. For the last 20 years or so he would plant a few new trees each year. Over the years friends and family came to enjoy the fruits of his labor. In 2008 we decided to plant about 40 Satsuma trees and began selling fruit locally. In the last 4 years we have expanded our orchard to almost 600 trees.


      Register's Old Place Farm is a family owned and operated farm specializing in Satsuma Manderines. Our Satsumas are a very juicy and sweet fruit. They are small like a tangerine but easier to peel and they seperate into segments easily. Satsumas are also considered to be seedless. Our Satsumas will begin to ripen in mid to late October and reach full maturity in late November.

Home Grown

Sweet Satsumas for sale

Sumptuous Satsumas
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