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Satsumas for Sale

For local orders contact me by E-mail ( ) or by phone (912)520-8277. Local sales will begin on November 1.

Home Grown

For Corporate Gifts or large orders contact me by E-mail or phone. Satsumas make great gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas Holidays and everyday sharing with your circle of friends.


We also offer "You Pick opportunities on select Saturdays in Nov., Dec., and Jan. For more information on Dates and Times see our Facebook page.



48 piece box

approx. 12 lbs.

$ 21.00

plus shipping ($21.10)/Box


32 piece box

approx. 8 lbs.

$ 15.00

plus shipping ($15.05)/box

To order click on image to add product to your cart

All orders will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. We ship freshly picked fruit on the first of the week.


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